Ready the Roses this Spring!

The start of spring is when you want to be putting in work for your roses. Doing the hard yards early ensures your Roses will stay happy and reward you with hearty blooms all throughout the season!  

In the early Spring, Roses should be lightly pruned for clean up and size control, given a good feed, and sprayed with a fungicide. Unfortunately, Roses are quite susceptible to fungal diseases and preventative spraying helps hugely. 

You can use Physan 20 not only to disinfect your pruning and cutting tools, but also as a maintenance spray to prevent fungal diseases like Black Spot, Powdery Mildew, Rusts and Stern Gall.

Spraying your Roses: Mix 1 teaspoon of Physan 20 with 1.8 Litres of water and Spray when symptoms appear. Be sure to spray upper and lower surface of leaves and branches until thoroughly wet. Spray and repeat several times 7 to 10 days apart.


(Other Rose diseases may require different mix ratios and directions, so check the Physan 20 bottle booklet for more treatments and instructions!)

If you're worried about your tools spreading bacteria or diseases, rest easy by mixing up a batch of Physan 20 tool disinfectant.

Tool Disinfectant Solution : Mix 1 teaspoon of Physan 20 for every 0.9 Litres of water for a killer tool sterilizer.



Advantages of using Physan 20:
Plant, Bee, Mammal & Pet friendly
EPA Approved for direct use on plants
No special safety equipment needed when handling mixed Solution
Highly stable product with a shelf life of over 10 years
Comes in a strong Concentrate – a little goes a long way
Versatile - has multiple uses around the home & greenhouse