Since Physan 20 is classified as a Class 8 Dangerous good, legally it must be handled by a specialised dangerous Goods courier company. The company we use for delivery is ChemCouriers NZ and as you guessed it, it's pretty expensive to ship. However, there are ways around this.

ChemCouriers deal mainly in the distribution of large quantity Dangerous Goods around New Zealand, so the more bottles you order the cheaper the unit price per bottle will be. To put things simply, the cost of shipping 1 large bottle of Physan costs the same as shipping 6 Large bottles. The next rate up is the same price for 7 to 18 large bottles and the same applies for 19 to 24 bottles.

The table below demonstrates the different shipping rates for a Physan 20 order to Christchurch, displaying the different prices for different unit quantities to give you more of an idea of how this shipping method works and also to compare the difference in price from a Depot Delivery to a Home Delivery.


No. of Large Bottles

Depot Delivery Cost Home Delivery Cost
1 - 6 $31.69 $42.72
7 - 18 $46.43 $57.58
19 - 24 $62.84 $76.18
25 - 48 $96.6 $111.85

With this in mind, it is far better value for money to purchase at least 2 bottles rather than one, meaning you will have more Physan 20 stocked for the year ahead. The shelf life of Physan 20 if stored correctly in a cool dark place (I.e. your typical garden shed or Garage) is well over 15 years so you won't have to worry about the product going off and running out of Physan 20 any time soon.

Alternatively, if you know others that are also interested in purchasing Physan 20, you can get them on board and divide up the shipping costs which in turn will end being much cheaper for freight!

Also, if a home delivery is too expensive for you, the other option is to choose a Chemcouriers Depot delivery. These Depots are located up and down the country from Kaitaia to Gore. From there you may pick up from the ChemCouriers Freight Depot which is closest to you and this is considerably less expensive than a home delivery.

For those of you living in Auckland, I would highly recommend that you pick up from our office which is located at 24 Prime rd in Grey Lynn, Auckland Central, rather than pay for freight within Auckland. The cost of petrol for driving to our office even from Orewa will be far less than a home delivery.

The map below shows where all the Chemcourier Depots are located and also the expected time it will take for the shipment to arrive as we post out from Auckland, as that is where our main office is located.