Efficiently Disinfect your Greenhouse and Control Algae with PHYSAN 20:

Inhibiting the growth of plant pathogens in the greenhouse is a critical component of any integrated pest management (IPM) program.

Regular usage of Physan 20 can control bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae, which if left to establish, can devastate greenhouse crops or provide food for insect pests (algae for fungus gnats). 



PHYSAN 20 as a Disinfectant on Hard Surfaces:

PHYSAN 20 is a liquid concentrate product that mixes with water to create a multipurpose disinfecting solution for use on plants and hard surfaces. PHYSAN 20 is labeled by the EPA for use on inanimate hard surfaces to control a wide range of bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

PHYSAN 20 has residual germicidal activity, meaning it remains effective for a period of time, particularly on hard surfaces. The solution itself is very stable thus remains active and can be used over time. The product is particularly useful to disinfect cutting tools; controlling mold and mildew on surfaces such as floors, walls, tabletops, and glass; disinfecting work areas and benches; disinfecting pots, flats and flower buckets. 

Dilution rates for these applications are as follows:

Disinfect Cutting Tools 4 teaspoons Physan per 3.7 Litres Water
Mold/Mildew Control on Surfaces 1 1/2 Tablespoons Physan per 3.7 Litres
Disinfect Work Areas and Benches 1 Tablespoon Physan per 3.7 Litres
Disinfect Pots/Flats/Flower Buckets 1 Tablespoon Physan per 3.7 Litres


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PHYSAN 20 as an Algaecide:

Algae is often present in the greenhouses due to the moist and humid environment. Algae growth presents many problems, including unsightly growth on soil surfaces; growth on floors and walkways which not only present a safety hazard, but also growth which encourages the presence of fungus gnats and other pests. Algae can also impede the function of evaporative cooling equipment.

Slime-forming fungus, mold and algae in evaporative coolers can cause odor and accelerate the spread of pathogens throughout the greenhouse. Minimizing the presence of algae has many benefits and should be taken very seriously. Physan 20 is safe to use with fragile evaporative cooling pads.

Dilution rates for these applications are as follows:

Algae Control on Walkways 1 Tablespoon Physan per 3.7 Litres water
Algae Control on Glass 1 Tablespoon Physan per 3.7 Litres 
Evaporative Coolers 1 teaspoon Physan per 57 Litres 



PHYSAN 20 to Control Algae on Soil Surfaces:

A particular challenge for many growers is preventing and treating algae on the soil surface in the presence of plants. Many algaecides are not labeled for use on plants. However PHYSAN 20 is labeled for this use. It may also be used as a soil drench and has excellent wetting properties.

Dilution rates for these applications are as follows:

Soil Drench 1 1/2 teaspoons Physan per 3.7 Litres
Algae Control on Soil 1 1/2 teaspoons Physan per 3.7 Litres



Key Facts about Physan20 in the Greenhouse:

  • EPA approved product labeled for use as a greenhouse disinfectant 
  • Broad range fungicide effective against a multitude of plant pathogens and algae 
  • EPA approved for use on plants as well as hard surfaces
  • Multi-purpose product with many different applications/uses in the greenhouse; 
  • Has residual effectiveness over time
  • Stable Alkaline with incredibly long shelf life
  • Safe to handle when mixed with water - Gloves not required for use with diluted solution
  • Available in cost-effective potent liquid concentrate
  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable
  • Pleasant odor - no safety respiratory masks needed
  • Excellent wetting properties / soil drench


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