Keep your Plants in Check with PHYSAN 20:

Physan 20 can be used directly on your plants. It can be applied as a maintenance preventative foliar spray or as treatment against plant diseases and harmful pathogens. Unlike other contact fungicides, Physan 20 can be used to suppress a disease even after it has infected the plant!

Physan 20 can be used to prevent and cure many debilitating fungal plant diseases and illnesses. As a maintenance foliar spray, Physan 20 will prevent Botrytis, black leaf spot, powdery mildew, Rusts, Blights and Rot (such as Erwinia).

Physan 20 can also be used to treat and cure Rot upsets such as Crown Rot and Root rot. This can be done by dunking the plant in a Physan 20 solution for 5 mins, removing the infected areas and then repotting.

Please see the image below to see different plants and diseases Physan 20 is effective against: (YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE PDF HERE)


Below are some examples of different Physan 20 plant applications - Full Instruction booklet can be downloaded here

Roses - Black spot, Powdery Mildew, Rusts, Stem Gall

USE : 2 teaspoons of PHYSAN 20 concentrate in 3.7 Litres of water.


Begonias, Ferns and Gesneria (corytholoma, isoloma, allopiectus, episcia, trichosporum) - Bud Rot, Gray Mold, Leaf Spots and Shoot Rot

USE : 1 teaspoons of PHYSAN 20 in 3.7 Litres of water.


Carnations - Canker Rot, Carnation Rust, Crown Rot, Gray Mold Rot, Leaf Spots, Root Rot and Stem Rot

USE : 2 teaspoons of PHYSAN 20 in 3.7 Litres of water. 


Orchids - Phalaenopsis - Crown Rot

Spray plants weekly to assure solution is getting around and in the base of the leaves.

USE : 1 teaspoon of PHYSAN 20 per 3.7 Litres of water. 



Deflasking and Dividing Plants with Physan 20:

Physan 20 can be applied when deflasking and working with seedlings to prevent mold and fungal pathogens attacking young vulnerable plants. It is also a great disinfectant when dividing plants and may be applied to prolong life for cut flowers in containers, tubes and decorative vases.

It is recommended that flower spikes be hardened in Physan 20 treated water during harvesting, storage and shipping for maximum effect.

There are so many uses for Physan 20 you must check the handy instruction booklet to see all the different plants and ways in which it can be used for! DOWNLOAD HERE This booklet contains the instructions and concentration ratios you will need for safe and effective use of Physan 20.


Seeds and Seedlings - Damping Off

USE : 1 1⁄2 teaspoons of  PHYSAN 20 concentrate in 3.7 Litres of water 

Seedlings - Downy Mildew (Ornamental Plants only) 

USE : 2 tablespoons of PHYSAN 20 in 11.3 Litres of water or 2 teaspoons of PHYSAN 20 in 3.7 Litres of water.


Key Facts for Physan 20 on Plants:

  • Broad range Fungicide, Virucide, Algaecide and Disinfectant.
  • Wide variety of plant and surface applications 
  • Can be used as spray maintenance to prevent Botrytis, Black Leaf Spot, Rusts, Blights e.t.c.
  • Cures Crown Rot, Root Rot and other debilitating fungal rotting diseases.
  • Excellent for Deflasking and Dividing plants.
  • Can be applied to make ornamental flowers last longer.
  • Safe to handle when mixed with water - Gloves not required for use with diluted solution
  • Suppresses diseases even after the plant is infected  
  • Available in cost-effective potent liquid concentrate
  • EPA approved for use directly on plants 
  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable 
  • Excellent wetting agent 
  • Can be applied as a foliar spray to control fungus and pathogens
  • Pleasant odor and does not discolor skin
  • Stable Alkaline with incredibly long shelf life.

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