On the subject of Covid 19 we first and foremost sincerely hope everyone is getting through this lock down with minimal additional stress and disruption as possible. We hope that your jobs and living situations haven't been too over burdened by this sudden global catastrophe. 
As for us, we are able to continue to operate while in isolation as challenging as it is. Thankfully, Chem Couriers our delivery partner are still in operation so we can still get orders out which has been a positive.
Regarding to this global pandemic, we thought we'd pass on some helpful information that we have recently received regarding Physan 20 and COVID-19. 

Over the past month we have received several requests regarding Physan 20 product's viability in being used as a disinfectant around the house. We forwarded some of the requests to Physan 20 HQ in the USA who informed us that their environmental agency has just issued a report stating what particular active ingredients in household products would be effective against Coronaviruses.

The active ingredient Benzalkonium chloride which is present in Physan 20 is listed as one of the 10 in the report.

We are sure people may be faced with challenges in sourcing disinfectants in New Zealand due to panic buying and challenges faced around the lockdown. That is where the versatility of Physan 20 is great as a viable alternative to regular household disinfectants. It is also extremely fortunate that we are able to deliver right to peoples houses to avoid them having to go out of their bubble. 

Due to the speed of the spread of this virus, there has not been a definitive test regarding any disinfectant and Covid-19, however we do know that Physan 20 controls enveloped viruses that are in the same category as Covid-19. As such we would expect that with the recommended exposure of ten minutes with Physan 20, Covid-19 would be properly controlled at a ratio of 15ml to 4 Litres of water. This can be sprayed on hard surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.

If you are interested in finding out more about the USA environmental agencies report we have included the link below:


We trust you are all staying safe where you are and we hope this piece of info can help out in some way.
Keep Safe!
The Physan team