Physan 20 is Spring friendly!

Physan 20 is bee, pet and bird friendly; So you can spray all around your garden knowing that it won’t cause any damage to the surrounding wildlife - especially during Spring when there’s a lot of natural activity going on. Physan 20 is also one of the few EPA approved fungicides on the market, it is biodegradable and you don’t need special safety gear when spraying a diluted solution!

There is however an exception for Fish. It coats their gills and interferes with their breathing, so do not dump Physan 20 treated water into public ponds, lakes or any fish bearing environments. For example : You may use Physan 20 to clean out the water and irrigation pumps in your aquarium, however make sure you have removed the fish prior to treatment - AND - have flushed out the Physan treated water before placing fish back in!



Broad spectrum disinfectant with wide variety of applications for plants, waterways and surfaces

Available in cost effective concentrate

Versatile - has multiple uses around the home & greenhouse

EPA approved for use directly on plants

Environmentally friendly and biodegradable

Bee, Bird and mammal friendly

Excellent wetting agent

Long lasting - residual effectiveness over time

Pleasant odor and does not discolour skin

Gloves not required for use with diluted solution

Highly stable product - long shelf life of 10 years



Be responsible with the products you use and avoid harmful bleaches & nasty chemicals.  Why would you use a product that could be harmful to you, your plants or your loved ones.


"Watch your atmosphere, pesticides
Control damagin' trees and the roots
A bunch of chemicals, y'all turnin' it loose"

Trees - Kool Keith