Shield your Irises this Spring!

Nothing like a good solid beard glinting in the sun, but these Spring mornings can still bring a dreaded cold bite that could potentially knock the socks off your irises. To ensure your Irises steer clear of Botrytis, Crown Rot, Gray Mold and the nasty Rhizomatous Rot, be sure to treat them with a solution of Physan 20. You can dunk the Rhizomes before planting and give them a maintenance spray every couple of weeks.

For Dunking : Submerge your rhizomes (up to around 3-4 inches of foliage) for 30 minutes. Plant at once while still wet with Physan 20 solution.

USE : 2 tablespoons of Physan 20 in 11.3 Litres of water.



As mentioned above, you can also apply Physan 20 as a foliar and flower spray to keep foliage and flowers looking pristine and fungus free.

USE : 1 teaspoon of Physan 20 to 1.8 litres of water and spray away!

(Note: Physan 20 works even better when mixed with warm water)




Advantages of using Physan 20:
Plant, Bee, Mammal & Pet friendly
EPA Approved for direct use on plants
No special safety equipment needed when handling mixed Solution
Highly stable product with a shelf life of over 10 years
Comes in a strong Concentrate – a little goes a long way
Versatile - has multiple uses around the home & greenhouse