Bust through Rust this Winter!

Rust is a fungal infection that can be a huge problem during the winter months. This nasty disease occurs in both warm and cool temperatures making it a fairly common disease. Rust prefers high humidity and heavy rainfall, and can even lie dormant on dead leaves and debris like a silent assassin. Leaving this untreated on your plant can reduce its vigour and will minimise flower production!

Treatment for Rust:

Mix 1 teaspoon of Physan 20 to 1.8 Litres of water and apply several times at 7-10 day intervals when symptoms appear. Be sure to cover the underside and top surfaces of the leaves and branches until thoroughly wet.   


Protecting your plants from Rust is a Must this Winter!




Advantages of using Physan 20:

Plant, Bee, Mammal & Pet friendly
EPA Approved for direct use on plants
No special safety equipment needed when handling mixed Solution
Long shelf life of 10 years – Highly stable product
Comes in a strong Concentrate – a little goes a long way
Excellent Wetting Agent
Long Lasting - Residual effectiveness over time