Are your tools sterilized?


What in the world have those tools been getting up to?

Cutting and pruning tools are prime suspects when trying to control the spread of plant diseases and infections around the garden. When was the last time you cleaned or disinfected them? Tools left unchecked risk contaminating all plants they come into contact with, so you must always be ready and prepared.

Mix up a strong batch of Physan 20 into a jar or small bucket and PRESTO - you just got yourself one handy dandy tool sterilizer! Keep it around the greenhouse and dunk your tools in it for 10 - 15mins to ensure no evil shall cometh from those secateurs or hedge loppers. The Power of Physan 20 compels you!

Physan 20 also contains a corrosion inhibitor to prevent degradation of metal components.

Keeping your tools in check and sterilized is a sure shot method to keep infections at bay and greatly minimizes any risk of disease spread.

USE : 1 teaspoon of Physan 20 for every 0.9 Litres of water for a killer tool sterilizer.

(Note: Physan 20 works even better when mixed with warm water) 


Prevent Your Tools Spreading Diseases!


Advantages of using Physan 20:
EPA Approved for direct use on plants
No special safety equipment needed when handling mixed Solution
Plant, Bee, Mammal & Pet friendly
Contains a metal corrosion inhibitor
Highly stable product with a shelf life of over 10 years
Comes in a strong Concentrate – a little goes a long way
Versatile - has multiple uses around the home & greenhouse