Physan 20 has been around for a while. In fact it's been around for over 30 years, I just didn't find out about it until recently.

A few years back during the winter months I went through quite a rough period where an alarming number of my orchids (indoor and outdoor) were getting really nasty fungal infections. During the crisis I took a few of my plants to several garden centers and specialty plant outlets where I was always steered to the liquid copper and sulphur powder, which even though was held in high esteem, still seemed to do nothing. Even after applying multiple times the recommended amounts, I still wasn't able to save any of my dying plants.

So after losing a few plants, I came to the slow realisation that there wasn't actually anything out there in the New Zealand market that could positively treat these fungal plant infections - I didn't want to use hydrogen peroxide or chlorine bleach as they are quite unsafe and considered dangerous to handle; not to mention poisonous for your plants. I wanted something simple, effective and safe to use.

It wasn't till later while searching online for an answer that I came across an American orchid forum where the topic was treating and preventing fungal diseases and voila, Physan 20 was written all over it. I also checked out many other forums from different societies and pages just to make sure it was legitimate and also found that there were even orchid societies that seemed to swear by it.
So following this I decided to order one in to really test it out and see. 

When it arrived I immediately set out to try and save my affected plants that were still alive. I was able to easily navigate through the Physan20 booklet (every bottle has one attached around the neck in a handy water proof bag) and find the remedy and method - which was clearly labeled with instructions/ratio and all. So through drastic Physan dunking and repotting, I was able to save a number of my orchids who were already far into 'crown rot phase'; which was something I had never achieved before.
Funnily enough it turned out that not only did Physan 20 treat and prevent fungal infections, but it can also be used for a multitude of purposes; Hydroponics, tool sterilizer, algaecide to clean the greenhouse, plant shelving, and all round sanitizer for deflasking and dividing plants - to name a few. You can check more info out on the main page on 'click for more info' under 'How physan 20 can be used'.

After having so much success with Physan 20 and the fact that there is nothing like it here in New Zealand I decided to import it as I believe it is a must-have for any orchid/flower lover.
It was a long and arduous task to sort out MPI class certificates, safety data sheet updates to NZ regulations not to mention freight & logistics, but after all the hard work it is now finally here and my orchids have definitely benefited.

And that is the story of how Physan 20 came to New Zealand.

I would highly recommend Physan20 to be used on ALL orchids and ornamental plants as a combatant and preventative against mold and fungus.

Personally, I use it fortnightly during the wet winters and monthly during the warmer summer periods for fungal prevention and basic maintenance.

Sick of botrytis, fungus, crown rot and mold attacking your plants? This is truly the product you need.